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Heating a house with hydrogen is more exotic than the norm. Since the potential owners of such equipment are not yet familiar with either the advantages of such boilers, or with the theology of the operation of such heating equipment.

And where to "get" or buy hydrogen for the boiler is not yet clear. However, the developers of "hydrogen" heat generating units are confident in the demand for such boilers. And in this article we will examine their arguments, subjecting some of them to fair criticism.

An example of a heating system for a private house on hydrogen

Prospects for hydrogen as a fuel for a heating boiler
Hydrogen is the most common "fuel" in the Universe and the tenth most common chemical element on Earth. Simply put - you will not have problems with fuel supplies.
This gas can harm neither people, nor animals, nor plants - it is not toxic.
The "exhaust" of a hydrogen boiler is absolutely harmless - the combustion product of this gas is ordinary water.
The combustion temperature of hydrogen reaches 6000 degrees Celsius, which indicates a high heat capacity of this fuel.
Hydrogen is 14 times lighter than air, that is, if a leak occurs, the "emission" of fuel will escape from the boiler house by itself, and in a very short time.
The cost of one kilogram of hydrogen is 2-7 US dollars. In this case, the density of gaseous hydrogen is 0.008987 kg / m3.
The calorific value of a cubic meter of hydrogen is 13,000 kJ. The energy intensity of natural gas is three times higher, but the cost of hydrogen as a fuel is ten times lower. As a result, alternative heating of a private house with hydrogen will not cost more than the practice of using natural gas. At the same time, the owner of a hydrogen boiler does not need to pay for the appetites of the owners of gas companies and build an expensive gas pipeline, as well as go through an extremely bureaucratic procedure for coordinating all kinds of "projects" and "permits".
In a word, hydrogen has the most promising prospects as a fuel, which has already been appreciated by the aerospace industry, which uses hydrogen to “fuel” rockets.

Modern development - hydrogen heating boiler

How does a hydrogen heating boiler work?
Just like a regular gas boiler:

Fuel is supplied to the burner.
The torch of the burner heats up the heat exchanger.
The coolant poured into the heat exchanger is transported to the batteries.
Only instead of a main gas pipeline or containers with liquefied fuel, special installations - hydrogen generators - must be used for fuel production.

Moreover, the most common type of household generator is an electrolytic installation that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The cost of fuel produced by electric generators for heating with hydrogen reaches $ 6-7 per kilogram. At the same time, for the production of a cubic meter of combustible gas, water and 1.2 kW of electricity are needed.

But in this case, you can save on the removal of combustion products. Indeed, in the process of burning a mixture of oxygen and air, only water vapor is released. So a "real" chimney is not needed for such a boiler.

Advantages of hydrogen boilers
Hydrogen can be used to "heat" any boilers ... That is, absolutely any - even the old "Soviet" units purchased in the 80s of the last century. To do this, you need a new burner and granite or fireclay stone in the furnace, which will increase the thermal inertia and level the effect of boiler overheating.
Hydrogen boilers have increased heat output ... A standard gas boiler for 10-12 kW on hydrogen will "give out" up to 30-40 kilowatts of thermal power.
By and large, only a burner is needed for heating with hydrogen. ... Therefore, even a solid fuel boiler can be converted "for hydrogen" by installing a burner in the furnace.
The base for obtaining fuel - water - can be removed from the water tap ... Although the ideal semi-finished product for the production of hydrogen is distilled water, which is mixed with sodium hydroxide.

Cons of hydrogen boilers
Small assortment of industrial-type hydrogen boilers and gas generators. Most vendors offer homemade products with questionable certifications.
High price of industrial models.
Explosive "nature" of the fuel - in a mixture with oxygen (in a ratio of 2: 5), hydrogen turns into an explosive gas.
High noise level of gas generating plants.
High flame temperature - up to 3200 degrees Celsius, which makes it difficult to use hydrogen as fuel for a kitchen stove (special dividers are needed). However, H 2 ydroGEM - an Italian-made giacomini hydrogen heating boiler - is equipped with a burner with a flame temperature of up to 300 degrees Celsius.
Popular models of hydrogen units for the heating system
Chinese generator Kingkar3000

Producing "Brown's gas" is a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen in a ratio of 2 to 1. Moreover, the user can regulate the torch temperature in the range from 800 to 3200 degrees Celsius by changing the percentage of the components in the fuel mixture.

Installation characteristics:

Water consumption - 1.6 liters per hour.
Fuel generation - 3 m3 / hour.
Energy consumption - up to 9 kW.
The cost - $ 8,000.
Generators of combustible mixture for heating with hydrogen

STAR 1000 and STAR 2000

Demonstrate the following characteristics:

Water consumption - from 0.7 to 1.1 liters per hour or 5.5 liters per day.
Fuel generation - from 1.2 to 2.0 m3 / hour.
Estimated period of operation - at least 15 years.
Energy consumption - from 1.2 to 3 kW.
Heated area - up to 250 square meters.
Price - up to 230,000 rubles.
Hydrogen boiler STAR-1.1

Taking into account the rise in the cost of energy resources, heating a living space requires large material costs. If we take into account an apartment with a small living space, then the cost of heating in the cold season is affordable. However, taking into account the heating system of a cottage or a private house with a large square area, the question arises of finding heating. One of these options is hydrogen heating. Scientists have proven that the heat capacity of hydrogen is several times higher than the heat capacity of natural gas, which can significantly save budget funds. What are the advantages of hydrogen heating, its features and methods of self-made creation of this type of heating, we will analyze further.

Hydrogen is a light gas that, when burned, produces heat several times higher than the heat from the gas.

Its main advantage when used in a heating system is its relatively low combustion temperature (only 300 ° C). This allows the gas to be used in a boiler made of traditional, inexpensive metals.

The gas itself is colorless and odorless, and when combined with other chemical components, it does not form dangerous toxins harmful to human health. Therefore, its use in everyday life is extremely safe. The only danger is its increased explosion hazard.

A story about home heating with hydrogen

If the gas is misused or comes into contact with an open fire, an explosion may occur.
Hydrogen in the heating system
Despite the presence of such favorable qualities as environmental friendliness and a high level of heat capacity, hydrogen does not occur naturally in free form... It is synthesized by a specially assembled boiler, in which, using electrolysis, ordinary water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen. Accordingly, the heating system must include two irreplaceable components: water and electricity. The gas mixture obtained as a result of electrolysis is called "explosive mixture". This name is fully justified, because with a small spark, the gas can provoke an explosion.

Let's consider in more detail, how to convert hydrogen into energy... As mentioned above, this gas is obtained by electrolysis of water, therefore, for its synthesis, special equipment is required, which is a container in which metal plates with water are immersed. A current of a certain frequency is supplied through the plates, after which hydrogen and oxygen are released, but not in pure form, but mixed with water vapor (it is formed as a by-product of electrolysis). To separate the vapor and isolate the hydrogen, the gas mixture is passed through a chemical separator capable of separating hydrogen from other impurities.

The produced hydrogen is fed into a burner equipped with a valve, which does not allow its movement in the opposite direction, preventing an explosion. Steam and oxygen are removed through a special container. The device itself is equipped with pressure sensors and water level indicators. Modern models operate in an automatic mode, preventing side reactions by stopping the electrolysis process and supplying current in the absence of a proper water level.

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Elektrolüüsi aparaat annab kütust tasuta     Elektrolüüsi aparaat annab kütust tasuta   29.01 kell 15:03
Eesti Põhiseaduses on kirjas Tartu rahuleping. Selle lepinguga kinnitati Eestile kuuluv riigiterritoorium Petserimaal ja Jaanilinna aladel.
Putin ootab vene emigrante tagasi Venemaale. Ta lubas neile kortereid.
Ma usun,et Eestimaa vene elanikkonnale meeldiks saada maa ja kinnisvara omanikuks Petserimaal ja Jaanilinna aladel.

Eesti riik peab kinkima Eestimaa vene elanikkonnale Petserimaal ja Jaanilinna aladel maad ja kinnisvara, ning nemad vastutasuks peavad sinna jääma.

Sellisel viisil saame lahendatud immigratsiooni probleemi mida tekitati juba nõuka ajast saati.

Petserimaa ja Jaanilinna alad kuuluvad E     Petserimaa ja Jaanilinna alad kuuluvad Eestile   29.01 kell 7:01
Eesti Põhiseaduses on kirjas Tartu rahuleping. Selle lepinguga kinnitati Eestile kuuluv riigiterritoorium Petserimaal ja Jaanilinna aladel.
Putin ootab vene emigrante tagasi Venemaale. Ta lubas neile kortereid.
Ma usun,et Eestimaa vene elanikkonnale meeldiks saada maa ja kinnisvara omanikuks Petserimaal ja Jaanilinna aladel.

vanaema     MAALI MAALT  21.01 kell 7:38
VAATA ,,ET REF,,erakond

Elektrolüüsi aparaat annab kütust tasuta     Elektrolüüsi aparaat annab kütust tasuta   19.01 kell 20:05
Korruptsiooni likvideerib tasuta kütus mida saab elektrolüüsi aparaadi abil mis toodab paukgaasi ehk pruungaasi.

Tema seletab kuidas saab sisepõlemis mootort panna tööle paukgaasiga ehk pruungaasiga :

Vesi koosneb kahest osast vesinikust ja ühest osast hapnikust.
Pruungaas koosneb ühest osast hapnikust ja kahest osast vesinikust.

Korruptsiooni likvideerib inflatsiooni likvideerimine.
Inflatsiooni tekitatakse sisendhindade tõstmise abil.
Nii kuis tõstetakse elektrivoolu hinda siis automaatselt kerkivad hinnad teenustele ja toodetele aga palgad ei kerki.
Eesti riik peab kodanikele tagastama raha mille on kasseerinud Eesti Energia elektriarvete kaudu ja enam mitte esitama elektri arveid kodanikele sest Eesti Energia on riigiasutus mille omanikuks on kõik Eesti kodanikud.

Eesti tarbeks piisab kolmest tuulepargist millede tuulikud on 200 meetri kõrgused sest seal on tuult alati.
Teine variant on päikesepaneelide jaam mille pindala on Sirtsu soo jagu.

Tuulikud ja päikesepaneelid annavad elektrit tasuta sest tuul ja päike on saadaval tasuta.
Kuna neil puuduvad hoolduskulud siis peale tasuvusaega saab elektrit tasuta.
Taastuvenergia tasu on vargus.

Inglismaal puudus inflatsioon      Inglismaal puudus inflatsioon   19.01 kell 16:55
Inglismaal puudus inflatsioon ja see toetas majanduse jätkuvat kasvu.

Andro Roos :” Mõtteid parteidele maksukoorumuse radikaalse vähendamise elluviimiseks (aga ärge lootkegi, parteidel ei jätku mõistust ja mune):

Alates aastast 973 toimus Inglismaal raha ümbermüntimine iga kuue aasta tagant. See toimus järgnevalt: kuninglik rahapada muutis iga kuue aasta järel olemasolevad vaegväärtuslikud mündid maksevahendina kehtetuks, kogus need kokku ja müntis uue välimusega müntideks. Seda aga nii, et iga nelja vana mündi vastu andis välja ainult kolm uut münti ehk 25% vähem. Iga kuue aasta tagant korrigeeris kuninglik rahapada ka ringlusse lastavate müntide koguarvu, lähtudes otsuse tegemisel järgmise kuus-aastaku planeeritavast riigi üldisest rahavajadusest reaalmajanduse käitamisel. Sellel ümbermüntimisel oli kaks peamist mõtet. Esiteks toimis ümbermüntimine riigi alamatele ühe ja ainsa maksuna. Maksumääraks oli seega 25% kogurahamassist 6 aasta peale ehk 4,17% aastas ehk 0,35% kuus. Teiseks positiivseks nähtuseks ümbermüntimise juures oli see, et kuni münte ümber vermiti, ei kaotanud valuuta ise väärtust, st puudus inflatsioon ja see toetas majanduse jätkuvat kasvu. Selline ümbermüntimisel põhinev süsteem kattis õige pea lisaks Inglismaale terve Lääne-Euroopa."

Kas leidsite Andro Roosi tekstist selle lause ?:

puudus inflatsioon ja see toetas majanduse jätkuvat kasvu.

Andro Roos : " Niikaua kuni eksisteerib riigiväline intressiga keskpank ja tema raha, seni ei saa olla ka vaba turumajandust ega tõhusust."

Pension     Kaspar  19.01 kell 16:55
Kui pension hakkab olema 1000 eurot ja mediaan palk ka 1000 see pole aus töötajate suhtes.

Inglismaal puudus inflatsioon      Inglismaal puudus inflatsioon   19.01 kell 16:50
Inflatsioon tuleb likvideerida.

ainult 2 a. ja seda segadust jätkub     aga kes tegi .. ise tegite  19.01 kell 15:57
Mida teha laenatud ja edaspidi aina paisuva võlaga..( raha seisab osaliselt ..milleks?)
Mida teha aina suureneva ebavõrdsusega.
Maksud -pensionid- palgad.
Mis saab nn. viiendast kolonnist eestis ..mida loob juurde kakskeelne haridus (keskastme haridusest alates)
Mis saab kuridegelikust erakonnast KE ja mida teeb ikka Ref-is hulk kurjadegijaid( autorollo,sadam ja erakondade rahstuses süüdi mõistetud)
Kui seda ei tehta ..on EKRE veel suurema toetusega tagasi juba üsna pea !

     Kindel   19.01 kell 15:55
Tuleb jätkata eelmise koalitsiooni plaani. Olulisim on migratsiooni piiramine, k.a ülikoolide kaudu.

     Kodanlane  19.01 kell 15:54
Kokkuleppes peaks olema, et ei astuta Vene Föderatsiooni koosseisu

     .  19.01 kell 15:53
Eurost ja natost lahku löömine on vajalik leppesse panna.

     HEIDI  19.01 kell 15:40
Lõpetada kogu maailma ja mittesobiva hukkamõistmine, kui pole võimekust seda teostada.

     REIN.MIKSON@GMAIL.COM  19.01 kell 15:35
VIHAKÕNED KARISTUSEADUSTIKKU !Et ühiskond saaks edasi minna peab olema see ühtne. Tuleb lõpetada vähemuste alavääristamine ja nende lausa vihkamine ühe erakonna ja nende toetajate poolt .Elame demokraatlikus riigis kus kõik inimesed on võrdsed

Vajalik     kuulaja  19.01 kell 15:21
Vihakõnede karistusseaduse juurutamine!

     juhan  19.01 kell 15:13
Ekrelaste ja nende sabarakkude isamaast kohtu alla andmine, kasvõi koroonakriisi süvendamise eest.Põhjusi muidugi rohkem.

     Atz  19.01 kell 15:13
Uues leppes peaks olema kindlasti kirjas kiire laialiminek ja valitsuse moodustamine normaalsete parteide poolt. Vastasel korral läheb elu täiega rappa.Kajaga ei taha ju ükski koostööd teha .

kiiresti raha juurde     vana-mees  19.01 kell 15:05
1,, Väga kiire Pensionite tõus.. JA kuskil 140----150 € kohe Aprillis juurde